Here’s Investree’s Achievements After Investing Abroad

Co-Founder and CEO of Investree Indonesia and CEO of Investree Regional Adrian Gunadi said the company has now expanded overseas, namely the Philippines and Thailand. In early 2021, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the two countries legally granted Investree a license to work in the Philippines and Thailand.

“With this achievement, in 2022 we will focus on always improving the products and services that are sold to regional SME actors in order to meet their needs in each country with a similar character to Indonesia,” he said, Monday (21/2/2022).

Andrian explained, so far Investree Philippines has provided two types of products, Invoice Financing and Purchase Order Financing. Meanwhile, Investree Thailand offers Invoice Financing and Amortizing Payment/Termin Funding.

In order to accelerate knowledge about markets and ecosystems, he continued, Investree concentrates on collaborating with local relations in the Philippines and Thailand.

Some well-known companies that have collaborated with Pantavanij (Thailand’s leading e-procurement and B2B marketplace base), 2C2P (payment gateway supplier), and FlowAccount (provider of online billing and accounting solution software for small businesses, entrepreneurs and employees missed).

As for the Philippines, Filinvest Development Corporation is Investree’s special partner in running Investree Philippines.

According to Andrian, basically, the company’s target in 2021 is almost realized because at the end of the year there is an increase in the number of debt requests of around 30-40% (in Indonesia itself) compared to the initial period.

“With that, facing 2022, we are really confident that we can bring in more developments that can make SMEs have more power and grow more compact,” he said.

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He explained that Investree Philippines will now focus on collaborating with Andremere Holding Corp. and Netbank, Inc. (a kind of rural bank in the Philippines). As for Indonesia, it will strengthen vital cooperation with various substances such as BRI, Bank Berdikari, Bank Danamon, Bank Jago, Bank BJB, BPR Lestari, BPR Supra Artapersada, Saison Kekinian Finance, and Accial Capital.

Andrian explained, Investrees, whether in Indonesia, the Philippines, or Thailand, have a special funding pattern, namely supply chain financing. Until some products are presented as derivatives of that pattern, the characters are productive with the target of small and medium business actors.

Just like in Indonesia, Invoice Financing is a favorite product in each country. Meanwhile, Investree Philippines provides 2 (two) types of products, namely Invoice Financing and Purchase Order Financing.

Investree Thailand offers Invoice Financing and Amortizing Payment/Term Funding which is actually almost the same as Purchase Order Financing.

Invoice Financing is a working capital loan intended for developing SMEs that have business relationships with several large companies (if in Indonesia) such as BUMN, public, multinational, and government agencies.

According to Adrian, SMEs that need funding can insure their on-the-go bill for a company to get debt from lenders. The bill or invoice can then become the basis of the loan and be paid by the borrowing client named Payor.

Meanwhile, Purchase Order Financing or Termin Funding is a funding option for companies that need funds in plans to meet their business needs. Purchase Order Financing has many similarities to short-term debt.

The difference is that Purchase Order Financing is used to pay for the production of goods specified in the Purchase Order. The Purchase Order debt applicant cannot use the funds to pay for anything else.

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For information, Investree Indonesia until January 2022 managed to record a total debt facility of Rp. 14.78 trillion, up almost 80% year-on-year (YoY) from last year. As for 30% of them come from the digital collaboration ecosystem that has been carried out by Investree with various relationships.

Meanwhile, the value of the disbursed debt is Rp. 9.68 trillion. In terms of the number of lenders and borrowers (as of Q3 2021), there have been 47 thousand Lenders and 7 thousand Borrowers who have joined Investree (cumulative number).

This figure increased by 46% (YoY) from last year, in addition, Investree’s contributors to the financial technology lending industry in Indonesia are real. Investree’s outstanding debt accounts for 8.3% of the country’s outstanding productive debt. As of January 2022, Investree’s TKB90 is 99.37npercent.

Adrian explained, as long as it is legal to work as a crowdfunding base that has successfully obtained a permit from the Securities and Exchange Commission in its country, Investree Thailand has disbursed debt facilities of up to THB246.7 million, with debt that has been reversed reaching THB119.1 million (the loan is said to be successful).

This debt was channeled to all 170 SME actors in Thailand with an average yield of 11.4%. As for the Philippines, the Investree Philippines crowdfunding base has 88 SME actors and 3 investors.

Investree in the Philippines as of December 2021, has disbursed 110 funding with a total of PHP 186.33 million. The three investors defined above include Singco Pte Ltd, Andremere Holding Corp., and Netbank.

Both Investree Philippines and Investree Thailand, according to Adrian, will steadily and continuously take advantage of the capabilities of technology and data to develop and use a good risk assessment mode.

This method is expected to help and speed up the credit assessment process on our website. Investree Regional will continue to experiment on this power in order to help more and more SME practitioners in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand from a financial perspective.